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Murder of Jennifer Moore

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Murder of Jennifer Moore


Murder of Jennifer Moore Murder of Jennifer Moore

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Jennifer Moore April 21, 1988- July 25, 2006 was a 18-year-old American student from Harrington Park, New Jersey, who was abducted around July 25, 2006, from Manhattan, and then raped and murdered. Moore graduated from Saddle River Day School, located in Bergen County, in May 2006, where she had been captain of the girls' soccer team. Moore was scheduled to attend and to study nursing at the University of Hartford. Initially, Moore was reported as 'missing'. Her murder prompted a media comparison to John Jay College of Criminal Justice graduate student, Imette St. Guillen, who had also been abducted, raped and killed five months earlier. Moore's murder, as well as St. Guillen's, focused public attention, and later bureaucratic scrutiny on New York City nightlife. It also brought to public attention the issues of teenage drinking and fake IDs to obtain access to nightclubs.Nightlife legislation was begun in other states following New York.


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