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Jawed Ahmad

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Jawed Ahmad


Jawed Ahmad Jawed Ahmad

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Jawed Ahmad (Jojo) was an Afghan reporter working for Canadian media outlet CTV who was arrested by American troops and declared an unlawful enemy combatant, while working with NATO at Kandahar Airport on October 26, 2007. Ahmad was then held in military custody at the detention facility at the United States Air Base in Bagram, Afghanistan for 11 months without access to a lawyer. While imprisoned, Ahmad was tortured and suffered broken ribs and other injuries. He was never charged with any crime nor given any opportunity to present evidence of his innocence. As a result of advocacy by his friends and family, and a habeas corpus petition filed by the International Justice Network, Jojo was released on September 21, 2008 after almost a year of being held in U.S. Custody.


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