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Sexual Harassment of Female Employees in Ghana

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Sexual Harassment of Female Employees in Ghana


Sexual Harassment of Female Employees in Ghana Sexual Harassment of Female Employees in Ghana

Over the past decade, the pervasiveness of female sexual harassment has plagued the corporate world. The situation is deteriorating in Ghana and the general public's apathy continues to debilitate the 'silent mass' of victims, presenting profound implications for the rights of women. Feeling more liberated, some working women are less uncomfortable, embarrassed or ashamed to recount incidents but recent studies have not taken advantage of this development to investigate the problem further. This work provides some insight into female bank employees' perception and experiences of harassment as well as the perception of judicial bias that discourages women from making complaints about their frustration, confusion and anger. The in-depth information should help uncover the harassment of women in some banking institutions and the dynamics of interpersonal relations in organizational settings. It provides insight for legal practitioners, social workers, educators and human rights advocates. It should be useful to human resource managers and researchers as well as the teeming men and women seeking more information on sexual harassment at the work place and ways of dealing with it.


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